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How I Flew With My Pack For the Colorado Trail

This section hike of the Colorado Trail was the first backpacking destination that I chose to fly to instead of drive. So my friends and I did a lot of research to make sure we were packing our things correctly for the plane ride. We had a pretty tight schedule from flying to getting to a shuttle to getting onto the trail so we didn't want any holdups along the way. I'm sharing this with you so that hopefully our research and experience can help you the first time you fly with your pack. I took only two bags with me since the flight we chose didn't come with a carry on. So I just had my checked bag and my personal item which was...

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Looking Back On 2019

The year 2019 has been a pretty momentous one for us. I say that for a few different reasons. There were a lot of events that happened this year that were very impactful on me and also there was a lot of growth in areas of my personal life and my business. You can go on my Instagram or Facebook page to see all the stuff I did with my art this year but here I wanted to mainly focus on my life and my bigger business lessons and such here. At the beginning of this year with the encouragement of my husband I made improving my teeth a reality. I’d had that at the back of my mind for a...

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