Tranquility Found - Fine Art Print - Kim Everhard Art
Tranquility Found - Fine Art Print - Kim Everhard Art
Tranquility Found - Fine Art Print - Kim Everhard Art
Tranquility Found - Fine Art Print - Kim Everhard Art
Tranquility Found - Fine Art Print - Kim Everhard Art

Tranquility Found - Fine Art Print

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  • Make your boring walls beautiful
  • Become inspired by nature's peace
  • Support the artist with no middleman


  • Printed on archival cotton paper
  • Made by hand in Kim's Ohio studio
  • Ships in 1-3 business days

About Our Process

Kim loves nature and wildlife and those passions inspire and inform all the art she creates. Her art revolves around personal experience, from walks in the woods near her home town to backpacking trips around the country.

You will receive one high quality fine art print created from a watercolor painting by Kim Everhard. Kim prints the artwork on archival cotton paper in her Ohio studio, and enjoys spending the time on each individual print.

All of the prints are hand crafted and shipped by Kim from her home studio. This means you are purchasing your print from the artist, which cuts out on middleman costs, allowing us to pass those savings along to you.

What You Get

Each print is made to order with long-lasting archival grade materials. This means that when properly framed, the colors will stay strong and vibrant as you enjoy them through the years.

We make our prints in standard frame sizes, and each print has a half inch boarder for framing.

Colors are matched to the original artwork using the giclée method of printing. This technique uses archival ink on cotton paper to create a fine art reproduction of the original art.

In the lower border of the print you will find the artist's signature and the title of the artwork.

With each order you will receive a Note About the Art that tells about the story behind the art you are receiving.

How it gets to you

Your order will ship via USPS. Sizes 5 x 7, 8 x 10 and 11x14 prints get packaged in a clear plastic sleeve and shipped in a flat rigid mailer. Size 12 x 16 or larger prints will be rolled and shipped in a tube mailer. 

All prints are made to order, so please allow allow 1-3 business days for processing time.

The Artist's Inspiration

A beautiful serene scene of a stream that I found while hiking in the quiet woods of Southern Ohio.

Customer Reviews

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A Tranquil

With her artist’s eye, Kim has
captured a moment in time when water, on its way o’er rocks worn flat by swirling liquid whorls gone by,
formed bubbles from their tumbles, tumbling, as caught wood offers no obstacle for their hurried paths.

Oh~a lush green fern on the near side, dry leaves caught on the other, constrict the water’s freedom as the roads do, at the running of the bulls at Pamplona.

Restricted water’s intensity gains power to spill & fall as water will. It becomes a froth of Queen Anne’s lace, a float of white, converging, still.

Stop. Lean down to look be-
neath the floating frothing lace. It’s in the deeper water’s cool teal blue-green shade that a tadpole’s found a tranquil sanctuary.

A long, sleek salamander, dots of red, like portholes along his sides: he’ll remember this private spot, his burrow on a brisk fall afternoon.

A tiny fish pauses in the still. . . until myriads of aerated bubbles link, join, and gather, swirling their narrow, wet way out of the artist’s frame, on a day Kim captured tranquility on a walk in a southern Ohio wood.
Kathryn Vanzant