And congratulations on taking the first step toward making your home feel more peaceful and serene.

We all have anxiety and chaos in our lives. Things can be stressful from work to relationships to just daily tasks. We all have a lot going on - it's almost impossible not to when our society pushes a fast-paced, glorify-busy lifestyle.
I understand how hard it can be to settle down at the end of the day after dealing with all the stress of the day. I know how it feels to be stressed out and anxious because I focus too much on how busy things are and how chaotic things may feel.
But while life can be stressful and crazy sometimes there is also so much joy and beauty to be had, especially in nature! Through Kim Everhard Art I create watercolor paintings and prints that bring you peace and inspiration from the beauty of the outdoors. Paintings, prints and stickers with colorful scenes of nature, landscapes of peaceful forests and calming streams allow you to reflect on the beauty in the world and take some time to reorient your mindset on happier things. Human beings need beauty, you need beautiful things to stimulate your senses and encourage feelings of peace and serenity. 
Here's your free 5 x 7 art print to get you started on a path toward a peaceful, calm living space.

Download your Free Mountain Serenity Print

After you click the button above, right click the image and select "save as", Once you've saved the photo you can print it on a white paper and display it on your wall! 

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