Bring nature's peace into your home with handmade watercolor artwork




Want a free art print to help you bring nature's beauty and peace to your home?

What's a space of peace worth to you?

How could your home feel if you took the time to decorate it with things that bring you peace? How many rooms in your house are left blank because you don't know what to put there? You love nature, why wouldn't you invite it's beauty and inspiration into your home?

Our handmade art is inspired by the outdoors, created to bring nature's peace to your home.

Paintings inspired by serene and calming nature scenes help you make your home a tranquil sanctuary.

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8 x 10 Art Prints $38

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in your home.

Nature's Beauty In Your Home

See the beauty and feel the peace of the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Even on cloudy days you'll have beautiful scenes to bring a smile to your face.

You get not just a piece of paper but a piece of nature to enjoy, because each design was directly inspired by the artist's explorations of the great outdoors.

Hand-Crafted Decor

You'll be excited to walk through your home each day and see art on your walls that speaks to you, that was hand-crafted to inspire you with nature's peace.

Each reproduction is made to order, created in our home studio in NE Ohio.

High Quality Prints and Paintings

You'll know the time and care that went into your art when you feel the paper and see the colors on your new artwork.

Many, many hours of work goes into each design. Not only do you get a beautiful art piece, you get the result of the artist's time, energy and passion.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the thought of choosing the right decor that makes your home look amazing and that doesn't clash.

That's why I make artwork in series. Each series has a beautifully unified theme.

Choose which pieces you want within a collection and rest assured that they will make a wonderful, cohesive arrangement on your wall.


Here's what my customers are saying


We've purchased a few pieces from Kim, some for ourselves and some as gifts. I appreciate that they are unique, well-crafted, and inspire feelings of peace.


 I'm so impressed with the watercolor artwork Kimberlee painted. I asked her to paint a picture of my dogs as a surprise for my fiancé and he absolutely loved it. She did a wonderful job capturing them in the artwork. Something we will cherish forever!


This art print is great quality! I showed it to a friend and they had thought it was an original. The colors are bright and I just love the subject matter. Can't wait to get it framed!

Anxiety and chaos fill our lives each day. Kim Everhard Art provides a welcome dose of peace and tranquility to your home with watercolor paintings, prints and stickers inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. Enjoy inspiration from nature in your daily life.

Steps To A Beautiful, Peace-filled Space

Step 1

Find the art that speaks to you by browsing our collections of inspiring nature landscapes.

Step 2

Display the art on your walls, enriching the character of your home.

Step 3

Feel the environment of your home brighten with nature's beauty


I know you’re the kind of person that would love to be able to enjoy nature’s beauty in your home. In order to make that happen you need to choose decor and art that really embodies the feeling of the great outdoors. The problem is you haven’t been able to find decor that really captures the beautiful peace that you love so much about nature. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy nature’s beauty and peace in their daily life. I understand that you want your living space to be really wonderful and the decor that you choose is really important to you. And that’s why I am super passionate about creating high quality art inspired by nature that you can display on your walls, to easily make your home feel peaceful and inspiring. I love to celebrate nature in artwork, and give you the ability to have a little bit of the outdoors in your home. So here’s how it works. Step One: choose the painting or art print that speaks to you. Step Two: Display the art on your wall where you can see it each day. Step Three: Feel the environment of your home come to life with the beauty of the outdoors. Get your art today, so you can stop missing out and start being inspired by nature’s beauty each day.

Find out why we do what we do.

Watch My Watercolor Art Process

Give the gift of nature's beauty

Now more than ever, we need reminders of the good in the world. Give the gift of nature's beauty and peace to a friend or family member who needs it right now.

Can you think of someone who loves nature?

Think of how surprised and excited they would be to receive a gift right now.

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I have these stickers professionally made with long-lasting vinyl. They are a great way to take inspiration on the go.


Art prints are hand crafted in my Ohio studio with quality papers and inks. Invite inspiration into your home with these nature-inspired prints.


Original paintings are the foundation of my artwork. These are the paintings that I create with watercolor and ink. Painted over many hours with love and intention. Inspired by the beautiful outdoors.

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