Is there somewhere in nature that holds a special place in your heart? A place that holds memories that you want to remember forever?

Let me bring those memories to life in a beautiful watercolor painting!

It could be a scene of you and your loved ones out in nature, or a landscape that you love. I'll create something beautiful and memorable for you to celebrate that special moment in time. 

What you get from me

Consultation with me to plan the artwork. This is typically done over email but we can chat on the phone if desired.

My time spent talking with you, planning the project, doing any research that's necessary.

A simple contract detailing the description of the artwork and timeline for completion

Preliminary sketches can be made if the client is not sure of the composition of the artwork, these are not always provided unless requested.

The final artwork, signed and shipped to you in a water-protected mailer.

What I need from you

The idea for your painting. What would you like to see captured in watercolor? Please provide any reference photos or descriptions that could help me to fulfill your vision..

Your approval and signature of my creative services agreement along with half of the payment up front.

You can see my pricing breakdown through the button below.


How do I reach out to you about custom work?

Send an email to and I will evaluate the request and give you a quote if I am interested.

What kind of custom work do you do?

I really love to create meaningful scenes from nature. If you have a photo from a place that you have traveled or a place that means a lot to you, I would love to transform that into a beautiful watercolor painting!

What things will you not paint?

No portraits of people or pets (it's ok if there are people and/or animals in the artwork but it's not the main subject)

No logos or graphic design.

Nothing vulgar and no nudity. These things are subject to my own opinion and I can refuse any request that does not go along with my aesthetic or values.


"Working with Kim has got to be the smoothest process of getting something custom painted! She was super speedy and responsive on emails and got my painting done and shipped (to Canada!) with so much time to spare for Christmas. The process itself was really fun- she sent sneak peeks along the way, showed me her sketch before she started painting, and allowed me to add something fun to the design, too. The painting turned out so beautifully- my only regret is that I wrapped it up as soon as it arrived so now I have to wait until Christmas to see it again, too! I would absolutely recommend commissioning her for your custom watercolor dream. I can’t wait to hang our piece up in our home."



Do you have a special cabin that you stayed in that you'd like to see painted? Get it memorialized and display it in your home so you can be reminded of the joy of that time.

Maybe it's a scene, somewhere that you went camping or backpacking that left a lasting impression on your soul.


I can also make you an art piece from my hand drawn Nature Font! Here's just a couple examples of the letters.