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Cozy Woodland Cabin - Watercolor Process

I have been totally struck by the beauty of Autumn in Ohio this year. We usually get a pretty good week or two of pretty leaves but this year has been a stunner! Bright reds and golden yellows are everywhere I look. While all these lovely, warm colors have been going on I've been working on several other paintings and I finally made some time to sit down and paint something inspired by the cozy season.

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The Colorado Trail - Watercolor Painting Process

Today I'm sharing a little insight into how I painted this watercolor rendition of the view along the Colorado Trail. I had the opportunity to go there myself this year and I took photos of the beautiful landscapes to work on in my home studio. We were backpacking 43 miles of the trail so I didn't do much artwork along the way, but the sights were beautiful and begged to be painted.

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Old Fall River Road - Watercolor Painting Process

Earlier this year we went to Colorado to tackle a couple sections of the CT. After we did that we went and saw some of the great views of the Rockies from the comfort of our car. We drove up Old Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor Center then drove down Trail Ridge Road on the way out. The highest point on the road was 12,183 ft. The views were spectacular from up there.  We stopped a few times along the drive to get out and enjoy the view. The only place we walked at all for (remember, just backpacked 43 miles) was down a short set of stairs to Chasm Falls. This was a really nice waterfall with...

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Fiery Florals - The Painting Process

In case you're new to my blog, in these posts I like to share what I'm working on, let you into my process a little bit and share some of the backstory behind the artwork. If you are interested in purchasing the original painting you can find that here in my online shop. If you are a fellow artist and are interested in purchasing the supplies that I use you can find those on my KIT page. By doing either of those things you help me to create more art, so thank you! This little painting is the first thing I created after I got home from a big trip to Colorado - at least it was big for me. We hiked...

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