Kim Everhard offers the beauty of the outdoors

in the comfort of your home

Let's face it - we are stressed out.
But nature offers relief from stress and my art reflects nature.

I see that people are more stressed and anxious than ever. I've struggled off and on with anxiety and sleeplessness myself. In light of that I decided to create art that helps people relax and find peace. That's why I design and create fine art prints that are beautiful and relaxing to look at. They're inspired by amazing landscapes, quiet streams and exciting adventures. They give you the opportunity to enjoy nature while in the comfort of your home.

It's important for everyone to get out and experience the outdoors, but sometimes we just can't get outside. So it's important to make your home an inspirational space as well. I make it easy for you to do that with art prints that are easy and convenient to display, made in standard sizes and ready to frame and enjoy.

Start making your home a place of peace today

I love nature and I believe that we are caretakers of this beautiful world.

That means I want to create my art in the most ethical and sustainable way I can while giving you the highest quality product.

I create my watercolor paintings with high quality paper made with 100% cotton fibers. 
All the prints are made in my home studio in Northeast Ohio. 
Products are shipped in eco-friendly mailers with minimal packaging.
Wherever possible I source my materials from USA made companies.

Hi, my name is Kimberlee, it's so nice to have you here!

I am a nature-loving, adventure-seeking watercolor artist with a passion for sharing nature's beauty with people like you! Want to connect? Get in touch with me here: OR connect with me on social media where my tag is @kimeverhardart