I create art to bring nature's beauty to people in their daily life. To inspire people who struggle to find a sense of calm in a world full of chaos, to find peace in nature's beauty and simplicity.

About Kim Everhard Art

I have always loved to paint. But I didn't get passionate about it until I realized that I could create something that would help another person. When I found out that my work could give someone a moment of quiet peace that's when I became passionate about creating art and that's why I love to make these paintings so much!

In a chaotic day a beautiful piece of art offers a moment of peace and reflection. Some people struggle to find moments of calm and peace in their day. I know I do. But the peace of nature that I so capture in watercolor paint can hep you find that. Something as simple as a beautiful thing on your wall can make you smile and remind you that there is so much beauty in the world. I am a firm believer in the idea that everyone should have beautiful things in their life. The biggest, most beautiful thing that we have access to is God's creation. The great outdoors offer endless opportunity for exploration, excitement, peace and reflection. But you're not always able to get out there and explore as much as you want to.

So Kim Everhard artwork offers a little piece of nature for you to enjoy in your home and it also acts a quiet reminder to seek beautiful things, to enjoy the awesomeness of nature. Beautiful things make you smile, they offer you encouragement that there is light and beauty when there might be a lot of ugly stuff going on in your life. This artwork is not just decor for your wall, it's beauty from nature, it's a reminder of God's amazing creation and it's an opportunity to seek peace in you daily life.

About Kim

Hey there!
My name is Kimberlee (Kim for short) and I am the one behind Kim Everhard Art. I love to paint and design things that bring people joy, I also love to hike and explore nature.

I am passionate about giving others an opportunity to enjoy nature in their home and in their daily life and I'm passionate about God and what He's done in my life. I've had my share of struggles, as we all have. My rock through it all is Jesus Christ. I believe He's given art to me as a way to share His peace with others. I get my peace from God and I believe that overflows into my artwork.

I explore nature to get inspiration for making new artwork. I love to hike and camp and backpack with friends.

I've been running my business since the beginning of 2018 when I started it out as Everhard Designs as a "side hustle". I had a name change and went full time in 2020. I now am so extremely blessed to be able to share my passion for art and nature with others and I am just so glad to be able to share my work with you.