About the artist

Hello and welcome, I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Kimberlee, I'm a painter and illustrator who loves to be outside. I've been majorly blessed to be able to run a business around two things that I love nature and art. For the most part I create paintings from places I've seen in my travels around the U.S, but I also create custom paintings for people based on landscapes that are special to them.

My husband and I started backpacking together in 2018, before that he went on trips without me for about a year and then I joined in.  Backpacking is my favorite way to experience nature; it's rugged and challenging, but it's also beautiful and rewarding. Backpacking has taught me a lot about myself and it's pushed me to improve myself due to the physical and mental challenges of climbing up mountains. It's not for everyone, but I never would have said it was for me before I tried it, so maybe you will too some day. These trips which are often just a couple days long are where I get most of the inspiration and imagery for my paintings. I take pictures when I'm on the trail - just on my phone - and I paint when I am back in my studio. I do this because when backpacking you want to take only the necessities, especially in higher elevations where the hiking is even more difficult, and because I spend a lot of time on one painting, oftentimes up to a week.

I grew up near Sacramento, California and moved to Ohio when I was 10. That was a rough transition as a tween, but in the years to come I would come to love Ohio. Many people write it off as the place everyone can't wait to leave, but I lovingly call it our home base. Our family and friends who we value greatly are here and even though I love to get away and see the amazing views of Wyoming and Colorado, I also love to come home.

Another passion of mine (I have a few) is gardening. This hobby developed over the past three years starting in 2019 with two raised beds of tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. It has now grown into about a 2000 square foot endeavor that has been the source of a good amount of toil but an even greater amount of joy and peace. There is a simple, yet deep joy that comes from working the ground.

The final thing about me and the most important is that I'm a Christian! I love the Lord because He is good and every good thing in my life, including all I create comes from Him. I hope the the art I create is a blessing to you.

About Kim Everhard Art
We offer you the beauty of the outdoors in the comfort of your home

I believe that we are caretakers of this beautiful world. That's why I create my art in an ethical and sustainable way while giving you a high quality product at a great price.

I create my watercolor paintings with high quality paper made with 100% cotton fibers. 
Art prints are made in my studio in Northeast Ohio. 
Products are shipped in eco-friendly mailers with minimal packaging.
Whenever possible I source my materials from companies in the USA.

Want to connect? Get in touch with me here: info@kimeverhardart.com OR connect with me on social media where my tag is @kimeverhardart