About the artist

Hello and welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Kimberlee, I'm a painter and illustrator with a passion for the outdoors. I'm blessed to be able to run a business based on two things that I love: nature and art. For the most part I create paintings from places I've seen in my travels around the U.S, but I also create custom paintings for people based on landscapes that are special to them.

I've always loved being outside, but my husband and I took it to the next level when we started backpacking together in 2018.  Backpacking is my favorite way to experience nature. It's rugged, and challenging, but also beautiful and rewarding. These trips which are often just a couple days long are where I get most of the imagery for my paintings. I take reference photos when I'm on the trail, and I paint when I am back home in my studio. When on a backpacking trip we are occupied almost sunrise to sunset packing up or tearing down gear, hiking or cooking. Taking reference photos, but also being there in the moment allows me to capture the beauty and the feeling of the location.

I grew up near Sacramento, California and moved to Ohio when I was 10. That was a rough transition at the time, but I came to love Ohio. Our family and friends who we value greatly are here and even though I love to travel for amazing views out west I also love to come home.

My other hobbies include gardening, food preservation, exercise, and hanging out with my cats.

The final thing about me and the most important is that I'm a Christian! I love the Lord, and every good thing in my life including everything I create comes from Him. I hope the the art I create is a blessing to you.

We are called to be caretakers of this beautiful world. That's why I create my art in an ethical and sustainable way while giving you a high quality product at a great price.

I create my watercolor paintings with high quality paper made with 100% cotton fibers. 
Art prints are made in my studio in Northeast Ohio. 
Products are shipped in eco-friendly mailers with minimal packaging.
Whenever possible I source my materials from companies in the USA. The magnets I offer are made by a small company in Brunswick, Ohio.