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Pictured Rocks Backpacking Trip

This weekend I finally got to drive up north and check out Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I'd been looking forward to this for a long time. I've had it on my list ever since I created art inspired by the cliffs for a client. A few friends and I tentatively planned a trip there in 2020 but we were too late in ordering our camping permits so we had to postpone till this summer. That's something you'll want to be very careful about if you intend to backpack there. The permits for backpacking are in very high demand and get bought up very fast. My friends who ordered them for our group were on the website the day...

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How I Flew With My Pack For the Colorado Trail

This section hike of the Colorado Trail was the first backpacking destination that I chose to fly to instead of drive. So my friends and I did a lot of research to make sure we were packing our things correctly for the plane ride. We had a pretty tight schedule from flying to getting to a shuttle to getting onto the trail so we didn't want any holdups along the way. I'm sharing this with you so that hopefully our research and experience can help you the first time you fly with your pack. I took only two bags with me since the flight we chose didn't come with a carry on. So I just had my checked bag and my personal item which was...

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Lake Vesuvius Backpacking Trip. Hiking and Camping in Southern Ohio

This past weekend we packed up and bundled up, prepared for a chilly two days of backpacking in the woods in southern Ohio. We hiked and camped along Lake Vesuvius in the Wayne National Forest. The trail we hiked mainly was the Vesuvius Backpack Trail but we hiked on the Lakeshore Trail for a short stint at the beginning. It's a beautiful and good beginner spot to backpack with lots of woods, views of the lake and mostly flat trails with some steep hills. On day one Friday night we loaded our nearly 30lb packs into our cars in Wadsworth and headed down to southern Ohio. We drove about 4 hours to Pedro Ohio and arrived at our campsite at...

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