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Lake Vesuvius Southern Ohio - Backpacking take 2

Because of state parks closing and social distancing rules in place we had to cancel our first backpacking trip of the year and change our plans for the second. Our first trip was going to be to Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania and our second to Grayson Highlands in Virginia. Both of those are getting moved around. That said I am super thankful for the opportunity we had to go somewhere we know and love in our home state of Ohio. The Lake Vesuvius area was really pretty. We went just this past weekend when spring was in full force. Bright green was everywhere, in the leaves of the trees, high up in the sky and the ferns and bushes all...

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Looking Back On 2019

The year 2019 has been a pretty momentous one for us. I say that for a few different reasons. There were a lot of events that happened this year that were very impactful on me and also there was a lot of growth in areas of my personal life and my business. You can go on my Instagram or Facebook page to see all the stuff I did with my art this year but here I wanted to mainly focus on my life and my bigger business lessons and such here. At the beginning of this year with the encouragement of my husband I made improving my teeth a reality. I’d had that at the back of my mind for a...

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Lake Vesuvius Backpacking Trip. Hiking and Camping in Southern Ohio

This past weekend we packed up and bundled up, prepared for a chilly two days of backpacking in the woods in southern Ohio. We hiked and camped along Lake Vesuvius in the Wayne National Forest. The trail we hiked mainly was the Vesuvius Backpack Trail but we hiked on the Lakeshore Trail for a short stint at the beginning. It's a beautiful and good beginner spot to backpack with lots of woods, views of the lake and mostly flat trails with some steep hills. On day one Friday night we loaded our nearly 30lb packs into our cars in Wadsworth and headed down to southern Ohio. We drove about 4 hours to Pedro Ohio and arrived at our campsite at...

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