A Unique Way to Display Framed Art

A Unique Way to Display Framed Art

Today I want to share with you a fun and unique way to display framed art or decor in your home! 
I got this idea when I wanted to create a space in my art studio where I could decorate and enjoy some soothing, pretty things like plants and other nature-y stuff. Pretty much a little corner of the outdoors in my studio room.
So I created a set of floating shelves that I could decorate with art and plants and other decor. These floating shelves are very modern, a little rustic and nice and easy to install. You don’t need much experience or tools to do it.

Here's the art that I am going to be displaying on the shelves along with my favorite plants.

the art we're displaying

Here's a look at the shelves without all the decor on them. Nice and simple right?

plain shelves

There are two routes you can go to create this look in your home. Number 1. (my route) cut your own shelves with found wood, barn wood or 1x6 wood from your local hardware store. I used 1"x6"x6' board for my shelves and cut them down to 24" wide. Alternately there's route number 2. You could buy a set of floating shelves that is ready-to-go. For route number 2 you pretty much need to know how to measure and be comfortable drilling into the wall. If you decide to go the first route you will need to have a little more hands-on knowledge working with wood and you'll want to have a circular saw or miter saw and some wood stain to make the shelves yourself.

Let’s get down to it!

You will need:

  • A frame I got the frame from Joann fabrics but this white one from Amazon would offer a nice contrast to the dark of the wood shelf
  • An art print: Enjoying the View Art Print is the one I have on display in my studio
  • A stud finder. I use the Stud Buddy which is just a really strong magnet which finds the nails in the studs
  • A drill
  • A set of floating shelves. Etsy has some great ones and there are also some good options on Amazon.

If you are making your own shelves you will also need:

  • A miter saw or circular saw
  • Some sort of stain or finish for the wood
  • Shelves 1” x 6” x 6’ board (I got Pine from Lowes)
  • Brackets Heavy Duty Black Brackets

Here are four tips for doing it right.

  1. Be conscious of your spacing. I knew exactly what I wanted to display on my shelves so I hung them accordingly. I knew that I was displaying plants so I hung the shelves about 15 inches above each other so the plants had clearance plus a little bit of growing room. Think about what is going to hang on these shelves and how much space you'll need to accommodate the decor. Also leave a little space for breathing room above the objects.
  2. Make sure that you hang the shelves on studs. Even if you are just putting light-weight items on the shelves now, you don’t want them tearing out of the drywall after putting some heavy plants on them down the road! Sturdier is better right?
  3. Use a level and measure twice. You definitely do not want these to be crooked, if they are you'll be able to tell. So don't skip the level, you'll be glad you used it! Mark where you want the edge of the shelf on one end then use a level or a laser level to mark the other side.
  4. Choose a wood that is a nice contrast but also complementary to your wall. My wall is a light grey so I went with a dark wood stain that had pretty neutral/brown undertones so it was a nice contrast that didn't clash.

Here are Three Reasons why these shelves are great

  1. They’re pretty simple and easy to set up. It took me just about an hour to hang the shelves once I had cut and finished them so if you do make them yourself you’ll have to do the work over a couple days because you will cut the wood first then stain, then allow to dry then install. If you buy shelves that come already cut and finished you should only have to spend about an hour on the project.
  2. Let’s talk about the design. This is such a fun way to decorate because it adds depth to your space. Instead of hanging a flat 2D art piece against the wall you are pulling it out from the wall and framing it with other lovely elements like plants and lanterns in my case. 
  3. The dark wood of the shelf and the black brackets create a charming rustic-modern feeling. I’m not a fan of the full-out rustic feel but I love some of the rustic/farm house elements. And I’m realizing more and more as I start to decorate my house with things that I love that my style is modern but inspired by rustic things like wood and metal and even some industrial-looking things.

Here's how it looks all compete and decorated!


Here's a more simpler way to style it. Just have fun with it! Play around with different elements displayed around your framed piece. 

A more simple setup

If you’re looking for a fun way to display art and plants in your home this is a great way to do that in a unique and modern way. You could do this in your bedroom, in your living room, sunroom or even your kitchen if you have the space! I am so happy with how this little project turned out in my room, if you end up doing something similar I would love to see it!

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