Everything I bring to an Art Show

Everything I bring to an Art Show

I recently wrote How to make a good art show display and that blog I talked about limiting what you bring to show so that you don't over pack and end up making 20 trips between your car and your booth in 90 degree heat - yes I've learned from experience.

But since I went over the idea of not taking to much I wanted to give you an idea of what is good to take by showing you what I bring to a show. So here is a list of items that I bring to shows so that I have all that I need but also don't carry unnecessary things.

Here's my show pack list. I'll link anything I can but some things I've made myself. Any links are affiliate and I appreciate any purchases you make here because I do get a very small percentage from those sales - anything helps!

  • A cart or dolly - Whichever one you choose, don't go without unless you want to get an amazing workout and/or throw your back out at each show!
  • Displays - right now I have four wood displays that I've made myself specifically for the things that I sell. 
  • Tables - I bring one 6 foot and one 4 foot table - both folding. The one linked there is a Lifetime brand which are made really sturdy.
  • Tent - I have an EZ-up tent, but it's not in stock right now so I linked the Euromax version which is pretty much exactly the same. It's got the steel frame which is super heavy but also super durable. You definitely want to get the one with the side walls because when it rains that'll be coming in the sides and getting all you stuff wet without them.
  • Tent weights - these are absolutely necessary for anytime using a tent. The scariest thing at a show is to see a 50lb tent flying toward you because someone didn't weigh it down. Sometimes I see people without weights and they are insane. These black bag ones that I linked are the ones I use and they've always done the job. I've seen people with heavier homemade versions but I just haven't put in the effort to do those yet since these have worked for me.
  • Chairs - I bring one or two depending on whether or not I have someone helping me. I like to bring these Kijaro Camping Chairs because they are actually comfortable and don't make my back hurt when sitting in them for 8 hours. They are also the chairs that my husband and I take for camping and bonfires.
  • Money box - My money box also doubles as a carrying case for random small items so I like this bigger one with storage space under the money tray. 
  • Screw driver
  • Pocket knife or utility knife
  • Tape of some sort
  • Shopping bags for customers - I like these for my bigger prints and I have some that I bought from Clearbags.com for my smaller stuff
  • Tablecloths - I made my own
  • Wooden crate - I use this because it looks nice with my wood displays. I put it on it's side and put my cash box inside it. I can get into it easily but it's also out of sight.
  • A clipboard - for email sign up sheets.

Here's all my stuff loaded in my car - it just fits!

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So helpful! Would love to know how you make your wooden displays. They are beautiful!


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