Fiery Florals - The Painting Process

Fiery Florals - The Painting Process

In case you're new to my blog, in these posts I like to share what I'm working on, let you into my process a little bit and share some of the backstory behind the artwork. If you are interested in purchasing the original painting you can find that here in my online shop. If you are a fellow artist and are interested in purchasing the supplies that I use you can find those on my KIT page. By doing either of those things you help me to create more art, so thank you!

This little painting is the first thing I created after I got home from a big trip to Colorado - at least it was big for me. We hiked 43 miles on the Colorado Trail and saw some sights around Colorado Springs and RMNP. It was pretty amazing, the mountains were beautiful. Along the Colorado Trail where we were backpacking there were tons of wildflowers. We were there in the summer (mid July) and most of the flowers were in full bloom - it was one of my favorite things about the trail! These bright reddish-orange were the most stunning. I wanted to capture the brightness and boldness of the red flowers as well as a little big of the cool Colorado landscape. 

For this painting I used mainly Daniel Smith Fine Watercolors and also a Winsor and Newton White Ink to do the outlines.

I hope you enjoy seeing my process! Leave a comment below with your favorite wildflower!

I use this ceramic tray that I picked up from Target as a palette sometimes XD

The addition of the ink really made them pop! I love that calligraphy ink, it flows so well. 

And here it is complete! I love the mix of those red colors with my purple nail polish :D Have a great day everyone! Make sure to check out my art print shop to help support my art and to beautify your home!


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