How to Make a Sticker Display

How to Make a Sticker Display

I recently made a new display shelf to show off my stickers at art shows and craft festivals. I documented the whole process in a YouTube video, and made a list of the tools, materials and dimensions below so you can make one for yourself! If you've been looking for something that is light-weight, easy to transport and looks good with stickers then this is a great project for you! As a bonus it's easy to execute and requires no wood-working skills, just a can-do attitude, and a couple simple tools.



The wood clamps I used

Miter saw or hand saw - Either will work

Affordable Miter saw option on Amazon
Hand saw option on Amazon


1"x2"x4' Board x3

1'4"x36" Square Dowel x2

Wood Glue


Square 1/4" dowels:

Cut 3 12.5" pieces

1x2 board:

Cut 7 12.5" pieces

Cut 2 3.25" pieces

These are the supports - if you don't want them sticking out the back you can trim off a quarter inch. I did this by slicing a few times with a utility blade and a ruler, then using a chisel to break the piece off. It wasn't perfect, but it worked.


You can make your sticker display as wide as you would like. I made mine 12.5 inches wide.

I used a miter saw to make my cuts, but this board is so thin you could also use a small hand saw.


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