Painting a Goat! My Watercolor Process

Painting a Goat! My Watercolor Process

Today I'm sharing with you a small painting with a rather simple story. I have been watching this YouTube channel Roots and Refuge Farm since I started my vegetable garden last year. Jess has been a big and positive influence on me as I learn and grow as a gardener. I saw one of her goats in a video recently and I thought she (I believe her name is Miriam) would be a great subject to portray. I hope you enjoy seeing these snapshots from my process of painting this pretty goat.

Materials used for this painting

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My 3 most-used brushes:

  • Princeton Neptune round Size 4
  • Princeton Neptune quill size 4 - my favorite series of brushes - they are so good for larger areas and details because they come to a sharp point
  • Small detail brushes - this is not the exact set that I have but they are very similar and this type of brush doesn't have to be really expensive. You just want a nice smooth, stiff bristle to do fine lines and other details. I like to keep several on hand because they don't stay perfectly straight forever.

Main colors used for this painting

.Here is my pencil linework. I erased some of it as I went to keep it from showing up behind the lighter areas of color.

This layer was all wet on wet. I wet small areas at a time then add color with a wet brush.

Between these two I pretty much just deepened the color that was already there with more wet on wet. It's ok to re-wet an area, it will not pull up much paint if you use light brush strokes to apply it.

I've started adding some darker tones wet on dry. Meaning I'm not pre-wetting the area underneath anymore.


There's that cute golden eye!

At this point we are almost done, just got to add a couple finishing touches like the white eyelashes and darken some color up.

All done!

This painting is now up on my original artworks page, you can go to it directly here. I hope you enjoyed seeing my process, be sure to get on my email list to see when the prints come out!

If you'd like to see longer format videos that show my process check out my YouTube channel Kim Everhard Art.

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