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Custom Art

Custom Art Services

Not only do I create watercolor art inspired by my own adventures outdoors, I also create art to capture your experiences in nature. 

I will create a watercolor painting to commemorate a moment in time that you hold dear. Whether it is a scene of you and your loved ones out in nature, or of you solo adventuring outdoors, I'll create something beautiful and unique for you to celebrate that special moment in time. I will give you a piece of art that will last a lifetime and along with that a precious memory that you hold dear.

What you get

  • You will get a one-on-one planning session with me via video call or phone call to create a plan for the artwork. This will be up to half an hour and we will talk about what you want the artwork to look like. This can also be done over email if you prefer.
  • My time spent talking with you and planning the project, doing any research or collection of images that may be necessary for the project.
  • A plan in writing detailing the description of the artwork and timeline for completion
  • A contract between the two of us 
  • At least one preliminary sketch, more can be created if you desire to see a couple of different options.
  • A picture of the artwork once it is laid out on the watercolor paper and before I start painting.
  • The final artwork, signed and shipped to you in a water-protected mailer along with a note from me and framing tips.

What I need from you

An idea of what you want. What would you like to see captured in watercolor paint? Think about the scene and please provide any reference photos or descriptions that could help me in fulfilling your vision for the artwork.

Timely responses to emails that I send you. If you do not answer an email within a couple of days please keep in mind, that could bump the completion time to a later date.

Pricing breakdown

I like to be upfront with my pricing because nobody likes it when the pricing is a surprise. These numbers are starting points because each painting is unique and some may require more attention than others. If the art that you want done is very complex you can expect that the cost may be slightly more than the quote below. 

  • $195 for a 5 x 7 custom watercolor painting
  • $495 for an 8 x 10 custom watercolor painting
  • $795 for an 11 x 14 custom watercolor painting
  • $890 for a 12 x 16 custom watercolor painting
  • $1289 for a 16 x 20 custom watercolor painting
  • $145 for a 5 x 7 black and white drawing
  • $295 for an 8 x 10 black and white drawing
  • $589 for an 11 x 14 black and white drawing
  • $789 for a 12 x 16 custom black and white drawing


How do I reach out to you about custom work? 

If you have a request for a custom piece of art, a design, or an illustration for a tattoo send me an email to info@kimeverhardart.com and I will evaluate the work and time involved and give you a quote if I am interested. I do not always respond to a request for custom work if I am not interested in taking the job or if I am too busy at the time. I try to respond to everything but please do not be offended if I don't. Sometimes the request does not fit my style or I am just busy and not taking custom orders at the moment. 

What custom work do you create?

Watercolor art, ink drawings, pet portraits, landscapes.

What I really love to create for people are meaningful scenes from nature. If you have a photo from a place that you traveled to or a place that means a lot to you that you would like to see captured in a painting or drawing hit me up, I would love to make that happen for you!

A note on tattoo designs: I have created illustrations to be given to a tattoo artist but I am not a tattoo artist myself. So if you would like a tattoo design from me keep in mind that I will create for you an illustration which you can then take to your tattoo artist, but I do not know what may go into placement on the body, that is for your tattoo artist to figure out.

Here are some examples of art that I can create for you

Here are some examples of art that I've created for people.

This is a tattoo design that I created for someone who had traveled all around the USA in an RV. This was an awesome piece to create, I really had fun with it. He gave me a bunch of pictures of places he had gone and a loose description of what he wanted. I created sketches for him to choose from and we worked from there. I want to make sure you are happy and feel involved in the process of creating your custom piece so you can expect several emails from me throughout the process, especially if it is complex. 

This is a simple tattoo design that I created for a friend

This is a watercolor pet portrait that I created for a client

This is a drawing I did for a local business, Honey Bee Bakery

 I created this illustration for Crafty Mart

I illustrated this design for Daisy Country. A store dedicated to memorabilia for Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke