The Studio


The Purpose

I create art inspired by nature to inspire others. I take inspiration from things I’ve see on the trail and bring them back to my studio where I create art in watercolor and ink. Through these scenes that I create, mainly mountains, rivers, trees and wildlife I seek to inspire a little spark of adventure in others.


The earth is beautiful and intricate and what we experience through it is deeply personal to each of us. Through my paintings and drawings I share my personal connection with the natural world and wildlife, with that I want to inspire people to get outside and find joy and excitement in all that the great outdoors has to offer. I think that every person should take time in their life to explore nature. I seek to inspire them with my own experiences which I tell through watercolor paint on paper and canvas.

The Inspiration

My personal way of experiencing and exploring nature is through hiking and backpacking and spending time with family and friends walking in parks and doing simple things like gardening and yard work. Getting out in nature doesn’t have to been hard. It can be as easy as taking a short hike at a local park - that’s how I got started. Though I do believe that the deeper you go, the richer the experience, there’s more beauty and excitement and adventure when you travel farther from civilization. For example going on a backpacking trip where you are in the woods for a couple nights with no connection to the outside world is a more enriching and inspiring experience than taking a trip to a cabin in the wood where you still have a working cell phone and all the amenities. Each has their benefits but when I go on a weekend trip where I take all my supplies in on my back, I work hard to carry my pack and myself into the woods and when we get to our campsite it is so rewarding, that feeling of accomplishment of making it there and also the excitement of being in a new place, a place where your phone won’t ring and where the only deadline you have to make is getting to that overlook in time to see the sunset. That’s an awesome feeling. But that’s not something that I get to do all the time, for my day to day life my favorite ways to get out in nature is through hiking local trails, and going to my in-laws family farm.


How it all started

Two big passions of mine are art and nature, and Everhard Designs grew out of those things with a whole lot of drive and determination and stubbornness mixed in. I have always been an artist even when I was a little kid, though as I was growing up into my teen years and even into college I never would have guessed that at this point in my life I would be an entrepreneur. You could say it happened organically. I started doing local craft shows right out of highschool but I was clueless as to what I really want to do with my life, I knew that I loved art but I certainly didn’t know how to make that into a career. I went to college for art because that’s the only thing I was good at. After that I got a job. I still tried to create art and sell it on the side, but I didn’t have a focus, I didn’t have reason to create yet. I had started to get more interested in camping and getting out in nature since I’d married my husband and his family likes to go camping in cabins and they own a farm. So my love for the outdoors and animals was starting to evolve over these few years in college and afterward. I went on my first backpacking trip and that really sparked my interest in getting deeper into nature. I also realized that my passion and excitement for nature is what I want to share with people through my art. So I started getting out on trails more, sketching and taking pictures out there and taking them back to the studio. During this time I also developed a cohesive art style built on the colors of watercolor paints and the contrasting lines of ink pens. In 2018 I officially started Everhard Designs LLC and got to work making something out of my creative passion for art and nature.