Free Mountain Art Styling Tips

Today I'm going to share some styling tips to display this 5 x 7 Mountain Serenity art print. You can get this print for free here. I offer this wonderful watercolor art print totally free when you sign up for my email list. This artwork was created with watercolor paints and I decided to offer this as a freebie to those who want to get inspired in their home and enjoy the beauty of nature even when their indoors. I wanted to create this blog to introduce myself to you and to share some tips to display your art once you download and print it.
Anxiety and chaos fill our lives each day. Kim Everhard Art provides a welcome dose of peace and tranquility to your home with watercolor paintings, prints and stickers inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. I create this artwork because I want you to enjoy inspiration from nature in your daily life. Nature is a wonderful gift and I love to go out and explore it by hiking and camping, but I also love to create art prints and stickers and fun things that to give you an opportunity to enjoy beautiful inspiration no matter where you are!
So here is how you get this art print!
holding the art print
Step one click here to download the print, just enter you email and you'll get it sent to your inbox immediately! That's the beautiful thing about digital prints. By the way, if you're really like downloading and printing the art yourself I have an entire collection of digital prints here.
Step two, open the email you got from me and download.
Step three, print the artwork using the instructions in the PDF document that you just downloaded. I provide crop marks so can trim with cofidence!
step three print the image out
Step four, trim down the artwork. You can use a paper cutter such as one used for scrapbooking, or you could use scissors if that's all you have just be careful to cut along the lines. Another option is to go to your local office supply store and see if they allow you to use their paper trimmer for free - some do!
cutting the print down to size
Step five, step back and enjoy! Display the artwork on your wall in a frame as I did. I used a bright white 5x7 mat in an 8x10 wood frame with a little golden detail. I really like how the gold accentuates the golden tones in the artwork. I think that any white mat with a wood frame would look wonderful!
the art print framed an on a shelf with plants
close up of the framed art print
framed art print on shelves
I put the print on some shelves that I created in my my art studio. If you'd like to know more about those shelves I wrote a blog post about that here.
Thanks for reading, I hope you'll take a moment to download the print and set it up in your home. Let me know what you think of it, I'd love to see how you display it in your home!
watercolor art for your home free printable

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