Tranquility Found - Watercolor Process

Tranquility Found - Watercolor Process

Here's the process photos showing how I painted this tranquil watercolor scene. You can find the original painting available for purchase on my website here. I will have prints of this painting available on October 28th. I like to share my process with you so you can get some inspiration for your own painting or just develop an appreciation for the awesome watercolor medium like I have!

I was inspired to create this painting from a sweet little stream that we came upon while hiking in Southern Ohio. I love seeing and enjoying water when we're out in nature. If there's a stream we can cross, a river I can sit by or a lake to swim in I'm all about it!

With this painting I wanted to capture the tranquil feeling of this small yet wonderful stream in the woods. The way the water flowed over the fallen log and the resulting bubbles in the water most fascinated me. The colors were my main focus for this painting. There's not a ton of definition or detail in the scenery but I worked hard to make sure the golden browns and the deep aquas were the star of the show.

Enjoy the process pics!

I (almost) always sketch the composition out on plain paper before putting it onto the nice watercolor paper.

Below I've used my LED light pad to help me transfer the sketch to the watercolor paper.

Here it is, still wet after the first layer. The orange that you see is masking fluid, it will keep those spots white.


A couple detail shots :)

It's looking pretty messy right about now...

I got a lot done between these two photos. You can see I've removed the masking fluid and added some darker contrast.

The final details.

And here's the finished product! Thanks for taking the time to dive into my process and further understand how I create my artwork!


Remember prints come out on October 28th!
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