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Watercolor Process - Stream in the Woods

Today I am sharing how I painted this Stream in the Woods watercolor painting. This painting was inspired by a backpacking trip. We were out in Oil Creek State Park, Pennsylvania hiking the Gerard trail. We were on a three day trip and the first day was all rain and cold. Though the weather was not great that first day there were some really pretty sights off the trail. It was mostly just a woods trail but just off the trail and sometimes running right through it there were these really pretty small creeks and streams that all had water through them because of the rain. What I really loved about them was that there were these big rocks in...

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How To Make Your Own Art Prints - Guide for artist business owners

If you are an artist who is looking to start making your own art prints, this is for you. Maybe you've been ordering them from a printer but your profit margin is really low because the prints cost so much. Maybe you don't want to have to worry about communicating with the printer and making sure they don't make any mistakes. Or maybe you don't make art prints yet and you need to find out how to get started. In this post I'll tell you all about how I make art prints from my original paintings and things that I wish I knew when I was getting started.

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Painting a Pair of Pine Trees with Watercolor

For this piece and all of my artwork in general I create to exemplify the beauty of nature and serve as a reminder of how awesome it is to spend time in nature.  I am a huge proponent for hiking and just getting out on trails, getting out into nature. I think that it is very important to take time for revitalizing and connecting with the outside world and I make my artwork to be an inspiration to do that.

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